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Your Lidan Room is extremely energy efficient. Heat insulation in a timber frame is contained within the inner structural timber leaf, resulting in a damp free efficient structure. No heat is lost to block work, which translates into as much as 40% savings, lower fuel bills and better quality of life.
Lidan rooms are the best-insulated product on the market, with walls specified with two layers of thermally efficient insulation. The first layer is 100mm high density and acoustically sound Rockwool Insulation. The second layer is a foil thermal insulation, equivalent to 150mm glass wool – if plaster and skimmed we use 40mm thermally efficient foil back insulation.

Our floor insulation is 100mm thermally efficient solid foil back insulation and our ceiling insulation is 150mm high thermal and acoustically effective earthwool insulation. In addition, we only use A rated glass in our windows and doors, all are PVC doubled glazed, argon filled and safety glass as standard. NSAI certified with a 10 year glass and frame guarantee.

Yes. All our products come with a 10 year structural and weather guarantee as standard.

We are the fastest in the market and expect to be onsite 2 – 5 days maximum depending on the model size. Our custom built factory and team of experienced joiners and carpenters mean we do as much of the timber construction as is possible offsite. Working in a quality controlled environment versus working in your garden means we are faster, more efficient and cause less disturbance to you and your site which is important to us. If you choose a plaster and skimmed internal finish this will add additional days to the finish for drying time.

Depending on the model some Lidan rooms can be moved. Please let us know at the time of order if your desire is to move your structure at a later date and we would be more than happy to advise at that time. Your property is increased with a garden room, which your auctioneer can confirm and will put you ahead of any competition.

Garden studios 25 square metres (270 Sq ft) or under qualify for an exemption from planning permission once an area of 25 square metres remains in your garden. We would be happy to have a discussion on any planning requirements or exemptions.

Once you contact us we will wish to meet you and conduct a site survey to see what your needs and expectations are. Then you will need to agree your model and place your order. We need the site to be clear of existing structures, trees and shrubs but existing grass is fine. We don’t need a concrete slab put in, as our structure sits off the ground and has it’s own fully insulated floor. We will start the foundation work which we do in one day. We will return in a few days or an agreed time once the concrete is fully set and start construction of the floor, walls, and roof. We then seal the building making it airtight from the elements before finishing the external wood cladding, internal panelling and electrics.

Yes we can supply all four corners of Ireland and some of the Islands!

We only use the best cladding wood such as 250-300 year old Canadian Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) as it is renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties with one of the longest lifespans of any softwood. It is one of the few wood species that is naturally at home in the outdoors and an excellent natural thermal insulator. It has flame spread and smoke development classifications superior to minimums set by building codes. Classified as a durable wood by the building codes across the world, which permits the use of its heartwood in exterior applications without preservative treatments. Having said that we understand some customers might have alternative preferences for external wood finishes so why not speak to us about some alternative woods used in external designs.

Yes, we are experts at designing and installing decking. Why not extend your Lidan Room with a smart decking area or covered area. All our decking uses a Yellow Balau (Shorea Atrinervosa) hardwood step as standard. This is a premium hardwood that is heavy and very durable. We’d be happy to discuss with you what can be done to maximise the look and feel of your space.

We would recommend that you treat the Cedar every 2 years with Osmo Oil. While Cedar is an extremely durable material and some choose to leave it untreated -it will go a natural silver/grey colour we feel it is best to treat it. With that in mind, we include as standard on all our units 2 coats of Osmo UV-Protection Oil. Osmo Oil gives a UV 12+ protection, forms a protective barrier against mould, algae, fungal attack and enhances the natural wood colour. Talk to us about putting in place a maintenance contract to treat your Lidan Room.

What is the Tax Incentive Scheme which allows me to claim back 13.5% VAT back over 2 years?
The Home Renovation Scheme allows you to reclaim the VAT on your Garden Studio through the Government’s Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) Scheme. The HRI scheme enables homeowners or landlords to claim tax relief on repairs, renovations or improvement work that is carried out on their main home or rental property by tax-compliant contractors and that is subject to 13.5% VAT. The HRI is paid in the form of a tax credit at 13.5% of qualifying expenditure, which can be set against your income tax over 2 years. This effectively reduces the rate of the VAT to zero on qualifying work, up to a value of €30,000. Lidan Designs qualifies as a tax compliant contractor registered for VAT in Ireland. Garden Rooms complies with these requirements. You will need to use the HRI online system on Revenue’s myAccount service or through the Revenue Online Service (ROS). For more information, you can download the HRI summary
We have a 3 Stage payment process:
50% deposit on signing contracts.
30% on the first day of the build.
Final 20% on completion of the project.
Please note if you book online on our website 30%, to secure your garden studio, we require the balance of 20% on signing of contracts

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